The Intervention

The somewhat struggling cable channel A&E has a series titled Intervention. I've watched it from time to time, once or twice. The show is always too depressing for me. It involves real people, living really sad lives.

In one episode, a beautiful young daughter turns to drugs and alcohol when her parents get divorced. She loses herself to the narcotics and her life becomes unrecognizable. She lives her life like an animal.

Her loving family finally decides to intervene on her behalf to try and save her. Her family loves her and they miss her dearly.

I am reminded of this television show when I think about the string of events that followed my coming out.

In so many ways, I am flattered at the outpouring of love that my family showed to me. Colleen called several family members of mine to tell them of my apostasy. I received a visit from my grandfather Cheerful Charlie Spurrier. I spoke at length with my father Frank. My mother called and spoke to me for hours at my office at Dynix.

They had some success. They talked to me about the hurt it would cause my family. They spoke of their testimonies. I'm not trying to be sarcastic here. I understood that there was love, hurt, anger as well as several other complicated emotions teaming from them. I promised to go into spiritual rehab.

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