Richard Lyman Bushman's Interview

I just listened to Richard Lyman Bushman's Interview:
In his interview, I was surprised to learn of a few other observations:
  • Joseph Smith was a treasure seeker in his youth, using seer stone magic to help his father uncover buried treasure. More can be found from D. Michael Quinn's study.
  • Joseph Smith was a contemporary of a man named Ethan Smith (no relation) who wrote an article or book entitled 'View of the Hebrews' describing the local indian population as descendants of the Hebrews, coming here on boats many years ago.
  • Richard Bushman Lyman claims that Joseph never 'translated' like we might see somebody translate. In fact, he didn't even look at the plates while translating.
  • Emma couldn't hardly stomach the polygamy. She tried to handle it for about 2 weeks and allowed Joseph to marry 4 women during that time. She just couldn't handle that last part of Joseph's 'religion'.
  • He also describes Joseph in his early years as part money digger & part prophet.
  • He describes the link between Mormonism and Free Masonry as 'there is some relationship'. It's foolish to say there is no connection, but the temple activities were probably seeded from it.
  • Describes Joseph as a great thinker or revelator, whatever you choose to call it.

See, in my opinion, these things don't sit well with me.

The interview was done on a website:


Anonymous said…
Bushman is the worst kind of apologist, one who can see the facts, but refuses to put them all together and accept that the church is a fraud. I have many Mormon friends who are like that, including my brother. I feel sorry for people like that, no guts. He obviously places more importance on his emotions or professional (job security) status than on truth. Don't be a Bushman.

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