Seen with his Spiritual Eye

John H. Gilbert, one of the printers of the first Book of Mormon, counted that he spoke with Martin Harris, one of the three witnesses of the actual gold plates, and financer.

When John Gilbert asked Martin Harris if he actually saw the plates, Martin Harris reported that he saw the plates with his spiritual eyes.

What can this mean?


larksong39 said…
I'm just starting to read your blog. My response to "spiritual eye" means that he saw it in his mind, his imagination--as opposed to seeing it literally with his physical eye. Something we see with our physical eye is there in front of us, we can reach out and touch it. Not so with something seen with "his spiritual eye".
Anonymous said…

I've read your journal and can see myself 10 years ago as I began my struggle with Mormonism. It's not easy, but the intellectual freedom that you wil gain is so very worth it.

From the time I discovered the truth about Joseph Smith until I resigned took 5 years. I was lucky not to be in Utah. My best friend during this time was Orwell's novel 1984. You will feel like Winston Smith if you already don't.

Best of luck to you and hang in there!
Brent said…
Thanks for your comments. I'm reading this book by a Mormon author named Lyman Bushman. In it he discusses what is meant by the 'spiritual' eye. What it means is that Martin prayed, and had a vision, pretty much, to see the plates.

I appreciate your support. It is pretty hard to do this in the middle of Utah County, which you probably know, if you've ever been here.
Brent said…
I haven't ready 1984, but I'll put it on my goodreads 'books to read' shelf, although that shelf is getting a little bit crowded with everyone's suggested. But I'm kind of a voracious reader anyways, so it's good to have the next ones on the way!
sunnie said…
i've always wondered if there was a "spiritual catalyst" (peyote perhaps) to help him see with these "spiritual eyes" or is it like on the tv show heroes where the eyes get all white and the guy goes in a trance and paints? lol. who really knows what it means, we can always just ignore it and pretend he saw the plates in real life....wait

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