The Übermensch (Superman)

Frederick Nietzsche wrote about Superman. He didn't write about the Detective Comic's Superman that we all know about, but rather, the next step of man in evolution. His premise referred to man's current disgust and ridicule of the ape, or even of the cromagnon man. When humans finally evolve to the next step in our evolutionary step, won't those humans laugh at what we have accomplished?

Part of his thoughts are that this next step in the evolutionary chain will include moral, ethical and theological evolutions. The next man will be able to produce a moral fabric that doesn't rely on a Supreme, all-knowing, all moral being, but instead will be able to rely on the ever-changing dynamics of the human condition to determine the new rules of morality and ethics.

I continue to live in fear of the morality and ethics produced by religion. I wonder if religion wasn't somehow created to help those in power to establish a baseline morality for the masses. Once in power, with God on their side, they can continuously determine the laws of the land. Perhaps this is where the ancient battle of the God's supremacy emerged.

I can imagine the races and clans discovering more and more gods to form economic and political policies. Each faction would continue to find means of supporting why their god or group of gods is the only true god(s), or is the best to follow. The superstition would run wild in this kind of atmosphere.

Humans are highly superstitious. For some reason, we would much rather accept supernatural explanations for the unexplained experiences in our lives, than search for natural reasons, or accept that we don't know enough about what might have happened in a particular circumstance. Our drive to have answers drives us to create the answers through super natural explanations and realities.


larksong39 said…
Very good. There's much here to think about; I like what Nietzsche says.
About religion; I'm agreeing with what you say here-- thanks for sharing. We tend to think that all we are seeing and experiencing is everything--who knows what is yet to come?

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