Prayer revisited

One thing that I really miss is prayer. Although I don't believe in God, somehow, I wish that I believed in prayer. I don't know where I saw this quote, but I really agree with it. "I don't believe in God anymore, but I really miss Him"
I find that I can't bring myself to believe in a supernatural being, but I miss what believing God can bring. A common God, or religion would really help. For example, for couples and families it provides a framework and guidelines for expectations. God says do this, and the people follow. The people follow without too much questioning, but they follow. I made that sound negative, because part of it is. But the other part of it isn't all that negative really. Kids understand they should act honestly, and husbands and wives have a basis for trust and responsibility.
At the end of the day, or at the beginning of the day, families can huddle together for prayer. While saying this prayer, everyone comes together and you hear what the members of the family are thinking about. You begin to become one as a family.
That's sure one of the things that miss most about losing faith in God.


simplysarah said…
I enjoy your thoughts on prayer.

As I've left the church and started to redefine my beliefs, I've noticed that I still turn to prayer a LOT. I was grateful to find a good therapist - all I knew was to pray my thanks. When I'm about to discipline an employee - all I can think is please help me to do it the best way. My sister interviewed for a job this week - oh, she needs a break! I thought. Please help her.

I've abandoned my belief in Christ. But I'm not sure if I'm ready to abandon my belief in God or some...divine goodness. I no longer address the prayers to anyone, or end them in anyone's name...and I am sometimes bugged by the long, self-righteous pleadings of others...but I can't stop wanting to pray myself! :)

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