Can you identify this fossil?

Thanks to an old classmate of mine, Darrin, for this one:

A 47 million-year-old fossil may be from a primate species related to humans, apes and monkeys. Michigan paleontology Professor Philip Gingeric said the newly discovered fossil also supports the adapid theory of evolution, The Wall Street Journal said Monday. A major ongoing evolutionary debate is focused on whether humans descended from an ape-like group called the tarsidae, the known descendants of the modern Asian primate tarsier, or the adapidae, whose modern descendant is Madagascar's lemur.

Gingeric said the new fossil offers evidence for the latter and traditionally less accepted theory.


Herbert Marcuse said…
Great blog, and neat article. I've been following these developments myself.

I spent a bit of time in St. George too. I knew a couple with your surname but no one with your first name. In any event, it's nice to see another heretic coming out of the woodwork.

Best... Herb

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