Why People Leave the LDS Church.

One of the principal reasons I started my blog was to help others understand the reasons why I couldn't go to church anymore. I recently posted the following video produced by an active member of the church, aimed at helping fellow members of the church understand how to help us wayward members. It received quite a few responses from facebook, including one comment:
People leave churches because they no longer wish to keep commandments they find restrictive in their lives. Perhaps you could resolve issues with God by using a KNEE MAIL.
Which is one of the stereotypes this video tries to remove.

If you have members that are in transition, and you want to really help them as a friend, instead of taking an hour to watch Seinfeld or Conan O'Brien this evening, take an hour to watch this video, and I'll think you will agree with me.

People leave churches because of cognitive dissonance much more than they ever leave because they no longer wish to keep commandments.

In fact, Wednesday evening, I spoke with a fellow who's cognitive dissonance became so disruptive in his life, that he began treating it with pain medications, rather than work it out, eventually leading him to prison.


Anonymous said…
Brent, you and Colleen have more support than you can imagine. It's comforting to know that we're not alone and we all understand each other. I appreciate your blog. Keep it up!
Maelena said…
It is never easy to realize you no longer want to be part of something that has been a part of the majority of your life. I have come to realize the church doesnt support a lot of my beliefs. One major one being the nonsupport of the Gl community. I cant be part of something that advocates discrimination against another.
Anonymous said…
This was a great video. I wish I could have seen this video several years ago as i was struggling with facts about church history. For a while, I thought I was crazy as I learned facts that were different than what I learned growing up in the church. Now, it just seems that the church is hiding information.

BTW, thanks for posting your blog online. It has been great to read through your thoughts and posts. It is nice to read someone coming to terms with a new reality.
Brent said…
Thanks Jason. I agree that its a pretty good video for explaining to others the reasons why you have left.

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