Resignation Accepted

Many of you may recall my post from May: resign Today, my confirmation letter arrived. I'm not sure why it took so long, but I did go through quite a while waiting. Finally, two weeks ago, my family and I crafted a letter together. We all signed it and sent it in via certified mail. Two weeks later, I received this notice from Gregory W. Dodge, Manager, Member and Statistical Records:

Brent Fisher
1234 Church Street
Highland, Utah

Dear Brother Fisher:

This letter is to notify you that, in accorance with your request, your name has been removed from the membership records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Should you desire to become a member of the Church in the future, the local bishop or branch president in your area will be happy to help you.


Gregory W. Dodge

Manager, Member and Statistical Records
Sometimes it seems like forever ago, and yet my thoughts are about religion, mormonism and philosophy nearly every day.

Somehow I've got to figure out this new life of mine. What traditions do ex mormons adopt? Its a difficult road, not knowing all of the answers.

Since I do press for honesty here though, I must admit, that I'm learning quite a bit. I'm learning that I wish that I knew more what to do with my kids on Sundays. So far, I just sleep in late, and hang out with them as much as possible on Sundays. For now, that seems to be enough.


Anonymous said…
Isn't it nice that you can finally relax and spend more time with your family. I used to HATE Sundays... now I really enjoy them!
Suz said…
Though you may not be a member of the LDS church, you might try something that my brother did: He made a "personal constitution". Some of the things you learned or adopted as a member of the church you may still want to keep in your life. Make a personal constitution that you can adopt and live by. Add to it your beliefs and live it. Whatever you do, just be true to yourself... I believe in a Heavenly Father that loves each of us. Living in Poland has opened my eyes to many things. There are many lost people. You and Colleen have a great family and you have a lot to be thankful for. Just be true to yourself. Honesty and self esteem don't neceissarily have to come from being a "mormon". :)

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