The God Metaphor

God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that.
-- Joseph Campbell

After leaving Mormonism, much of my struggle has been to organize enough of my beliefs to understand what it is that I'm listening to in my inner communications with myself.

Mr. Campbell's metaphor referring to God as that metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought continues to resonate within my scope of thinking about God.

In my daily dialogs with so many people on this pathway to further intellectual daylight, I continually run into this question: "What now?"

This question includes, what should I do now, what should I read now, and what should I believe now. I love they idea of taking the concept of God as the level of mindfulness that we may aspire to, but possibly never reach. God is that nonverbal understanding we may have of the life we desire, the meaning we crave.

Saying prayers to that God would enable the level of intellectual honesty and self introspection necessary for transcendent meaningful life.... Or at least it could aspire thereto. With this kind of God, perhaps I can begin to pray again with my family. I do pray for them, in my heart, everyday, but I can't pray to a non-existent being... But I could pray to this metaphorical god that would be contained on the transcendental borderlands of my mortal sorry synapses.

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